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The Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) Industry is experiencing a revolution in project management. For over a decade, AEC practitioners in the U.S. and abroad have demonstrated that leveraging principles and techniques from both Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction yields dramatically better project results by delivering projects as promised and planned. Organizations on the lean journey have consistently reported that their projects have completed within budget and on time while generating higher quality and better safety results. 

However, starting and staying on the lean journey is no easy task. Project teams consumed by "fighting fires" will be hard-pressed to have any energy left to change the status quo. Navilean seeks to help organizations stuck in this rut. We can help you develop and navigate a customized lean journey for your organization to improve collaboration and increase innovation on your projects. In doing so, Navilean seeks to help your organization consistently achieve better project results by identifying and creating new opportunities for value generation and waste reduction.

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